About My Pottery

I first started doing pottery in 2008 when I moved to Vancouver and started volunteering in a church basement in the Downtown East Side.  I have always wanted to have a pottery studio in my basement, but this was even better because it was a space where people from all walks of life could come together and make art in an environment where everyone felt welcome.  I learned from everyone who came through the doors.  I also took ceramic classes at the Shadbolt Centre for the arts.  I'm now in Calgary and am excited to welcome others into my studio and trust it will also be a place of welcome and enlightened creativity.

Nancy Shadlock, MA

About Me

I love listening to people and helping them grow into their true selves.
Different perspectives catch my attention and I am at home in diversity.  I learn something everyday, and always have my ears perked up for opportunities to gain new skills or hone old ones. I'm a potter and a life coach, living in a homemade tiny house in Bowness, Calgary.

Centered is the umbrella name for my pottery and soul accompaniment practices, both of which are rooted in creativity, groundedness, attention, and presence.

I have lived on five continents. I am an artist. I am a listener. I am a tree planter. I am thankful. I am a home builder. I speak three languages. I am a musician. I am a learner. I am connected. I am a seeker. I celebrate uniqueness. I am growing.

About My Practice

The work that I do has been referred to as: soul care, life coaching, or spiritual direction.   I received a Master of Arts in Spiritual Formation from Carey Theological College in Vancouver, BC. My spiritual direction training was done with an organization called Soul Stream based out of Abbotsford.  I'm a certified Life Coach with Ideal Life Vision out of Utah. I have over 10 years of Pastoral and Counselling experience.  I love learning from other life coaches and spiritual directors. My practice welcomes all faith traditions. As I learn new tools from various seminars, I incorporate them into my practice. This enables me to offer a holistic approach to growth.