What are the good things in your life?

One of my clients was feeling frustrated with only noticing the struggles in life.  As we've met over the past 6 months she has felt drawn to pay closer attention to the little miracles she encounters each day.  Here are some thoughts from beautiful Megan.

May you be inspired to take a closer look at what has been life giving in your day today.

1. Meditating on Silence

I have been trying to learn how to be silent. Initially I was guided by this quote from the Desert Fathers: "It was said of Abbot Agatho that for three years he carried a stone in his mouth until he learned to be silent."

But sometimes I have struggled with how to know when to be silent and when to speak. 

This week, somebody showed me this, from Lanza del Vasto, written about the art of silence and how to speak truth: "Whoever is seeking for truth loves truth, and whoever loves abstains from making a vulgar show of the object of his love ... He wants the object of his love to be clad in beauty."

This is the most significant experience I've had this week, because when she read it aloud I felt like somebody had struck a bell inside me. Whenever I reread it I can feel it ringing again.   


2. The moon. 

                                                             Photo by:   Jade They

                                                             Photo by:  Jade They

Here are a few excerpts from various poems by Frank Stanford. The moon has been very bright and wonderful this month. 

"the moon

was the blind eye of a fish

in the back of a cave"

"the moon was a salt lick

for her cattle of darkness"

"The moon was swollen up

Like a mosquito's belly."

"the moon was full and flowing this side of Ozark

Smoldering like a burnt tick"

"The moon went back into its night

Like a blue channel cat in a log"


3. Relationships.

I've really felt God's goodness in my relational interactions recently--with my sister, our homegroup, my classmates, and my neighbours. I've felt less sorrow and been more aware of how much God desires good for those he loves. 


4. Walking.

I walked to my meeting last night as the day approached twilight. It was cool, but not too cold if you were moving and wearing a light jacket, and I stopped to notice spider webs and to pick up horse chestnuts, and it reminded me how much I love walking for longer periods (at least an hour) and how much calmer my head is when I do. 


5. Busy-ness and rest.

I have been thinking of Martha and Mary again, and Mary's good portion. And after two very busy, exhausting shifts in the hospital, I was grateful today for the ability to do helpful work. And then I took a nap, and I was grateful for sleep. 


6. Autumn   

All the leaves everywhere are turning beautiful, beautiful colours. And the air smells good. Plus, I love those little helicopter things.