Bell... let's talk... about Eating Disorders too!

In honour of national Eating Disorder awareness week I have been inspired by my friends Luise and Alexis to share some of my journey with this issue.

I can not count the number of women in my life who have come out to me as having an eating disorder.  From back in Jr. High in Kenya to high school, college and beyond... many many friends have entrusted me with this information and I have never known exactly what to do with it except keep loving them and walking with them through the darkness of it.

One of the stories that has stayed with me most vividly is my friend Mel.  We met over 15 years ago while going to college in Australia.  She told me about how her dad was a hemophiliac and always had to get blood transfusions and got Aids and then how her mom also contracted it.  Her mom died when she was 10 and her dad when she was 13.  She and her siblings were left as orphans.  It is not much wonder that she then started hating God and many people around her and then also started hating herself.  She became bulimic and struggled with this for years and years!  

By the time I met her she was starting to come to terms with the fact that she was in fact loved even though all the evidence seemed to the contrary.  She was beginning to realize that no external love would fill in the gaps she needed to fill by loving herself.  She is an amazing poet and shared a poem with me which I immediately made into this song.  I have never been able to write a song so quickly and easily as this one and in many ways felt like it was inspired by someone much greater than me.  I have had the privilege of singing it in many high schools and summer camps in the years since and I'm grateful every time it opens up a door for someone to share their struggle and have an ally to walk into the light with.

Imagine me singing this directly to you... because You... and You and... yes You... are already beautiful!  I know this deeply!  And I'm here for you!