Ready or not... here comes Lent!

I love Lent!  It feels like a time of resetting and pairing back… to get to the priorities.  In this culture where Tiny Houses are becoming more and more popular and many people are reading “The life changing magic of tidying up”, it seems the quest for simplicity is very alluring.  

By moving into my tiny house I got rid of tons of clutter and only kept the basics.  The things that bring me Joy!  As Marie Kondo would say.  That has helped me to free up my time from constantly having to clean and collect and purchase stuff.  I truly feel like I am grateful for the simplicity of my life!  It somehow feels full!  Full of joy and goodness and love.  I am so grateful for this!

I see Lent (the 40 days before Easter) as a period of time where I can re-evaluate my life and notice anything that is sucking up my time unnecessarily and drawing my focus away from true life.  Time after time I come back to Facebook as the main avenue that this is allowed to reign rampant in my life.  

I have tried so many things.  I have tried to limit my signing in to only once a day.  I have said I can only go on Facebook while riding my stationary bicycle and logging in on my phone.  I have said only after 5pm once my work is done… but not after 9pm so I can start slowing down without technology before bed.  

None of this seems to be very effective and before I know it I’m checking it quick before I head to the pool at 6am, or while I’m waiting for my eggs to cook, or when I’m bored and waiting for someone.  And in the absence of someone to share my home with I stay up late constantly scrolling looking for something… I’m not sure what… likely true connection, which remains elusive.

But ‘quickly’ checking means I have missed out on going for a walk in the morning to smell the fresh air and move my body.  I have missed out on making up a silly little song about eggs while I’m cooking.  I have missed out on talking to that eccentric old lady sitting alone at the coffee shop and hearing about her life.

Facebook is not helping me turn towards full life and true connection with others.  It is really doing the opposite.

What is the culprit in your life?

For the next 40 days I am only going to log in to Facebook once a week.  I would totally go off cold turkey if my businesses weren’t tied to it.  If someone wants to volunteer to be my business Facebook checker I would be much obliged! ;)

I do hope to write more often on this blog though so feel free to stop by.  I also plan to write more hand written letters because those seem to foster true community.  Send me your snail mail address if you'd like one!

May Lent be an enriching and refocusing time for us all!