Mindful Motherhood Calgary

Mindful Motherhood Class

Motherhood is a big transition. Mindfulness can help.

Whether you’re a brand new mom or you’ve been at this a while, you know how it feels to juggle weighty emotions and responsibilities at this time of life.

Mindfulness is the practice of intentionally focusing on the present moment, paying attention to thoughts and feelings without judging them. It is a wonderful way to increase your enjoyment of your children, keep your stress levels down, and increase intimacy with your partner.

Join life coach, mom and potter Nancy Shadlock on a nurturing 6 week journey of remembering the goodness of who you are at your core and learn helpful practices that will strengthen you to live from that deeper place.

Nancy has a Master of Arts in Spiritual Formation and enjoys helping people pay attention to their deeper side. She believes there is power in tuning in and knowing our true selves as then we can act consciously and not just react. Nancy is a new mom and has faced her fair share of struggles with finding time to be reflective, working through post partum hormones and remembering to move her body each day. She is excited to share these practical practices with you.

Use clay to make your own meditation bowl. Find out where the walking labyrinths are around the city and how to use them (even with baby). Meet other like minded moms to connect with.



Labyrinth walks

Attentive listening

Guided Meditation

Body intuition

Soul Friends


$150. Includes pottery supplies, instructional materials and meditation aids for all 6 weeks.


Monday Nights 7-9pm

February 25th- April 1st, 2019